Dry Aged Steaks in Plano

There are certainly no shortages of steakhouses in Texas, but none are quite like Knife Steakhouse. Knife is known as the best steakhouse in Plano for a reason – our dry aged meat process. It’s the reason why we’re set apart from other steakhouses and why D Magazine has named us “Best Steakhouse” in 2018 and 2021.

A Perfected Art

Headed by four-time James Beard-nominated and two-time Bravos’s “Top Chef” alum John Tesar, our menu features small ranch and majority Texas-raised natural meats. Using the finest quality ingredients, flavor enriching processes, and an upscale environment that stays local to our Texas Roots, Chef Tesar has pioneered the new Texas steakhouse scene, fusing classic and modern dishes with all-natural born Texas meats.

240 Days Aged for the Perfect Steak

Our 240 day dry aged rib-eye is our highly sought after limited release steak. By aging a steak for that long it allows our signature white mold to completely surround the steak. During the process the ribeye actually loses 1/3 of its weight by the end of the dry-aging process, resulting in a much denser and extremely flavorful steak. This loss is due to the evaporation of the natural juices, leaving behind only the juicy and rich essential oils of the steak.